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Well, I've pretty well finished editing the code necessary to get Blogger working on my website. I eventually just abandoned the Blogger template entirely and just copied the most basic elements into the existing layout. I ran into a couple of problems with compatibility, because my site is based upon a very specific CSS and HTML layering system. I don't use any tables in the base design. I make use of DIVs. For any webdesigners out there who actually understand what I'm talking about... I did this because I just plain hate working with tables. Never have. So, I took the road less travelled. Anyway, I had to do some tweaking with my default CSS setup, and with the Blogger code. Everything works great now! I will continue to add links to the Featured Links and Blogroll sections on the right.

Expect more content soon. Until then, be sure to check out the links. There's plenty to enjoy until I get back to content (rather than design). In the next day or two, I will posting on RadicalO, to notify everybody that I'm migrating my blog to I've got quite a lot of subscribers, so I will be looking into setting up an automated email system to forward my blog posts to their email boxes (as is typically done on Xanga). I may just resort to using RSS. We'll see.

About my photography gallery, the setup process has been running smoothly ...until just now. I've got a problem on my hands, so there will be a delay. If I can't find a solution, I'll be looking into something else.


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