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Well, this is the first post that is to be posted on both the Radical Obedience blog and my blog at same time!! I have set up my blog system so that it posts automatically on Xanga, for the benefit of all my subscribers over there. Hopefully, there will be no kinks to work out (almost always are). By the way, to you Xangans, I apologize for the scarcity of my blogging in the past few months. I want you to know that I'm not finished. In fact, there is much more coming. The variety of issues that I'll be covering will broaden somewhat, but I hope that the reason you subscribed to Radical Obedience will not be disappointed as RadicalO is now also theGoodQuestion.

For those of all my readers on Xanga and, you can now subscribe to theGoodQuestion blog for email, and for RSS, as well. Look for the feed icon and the links under the post titles at theGoodQuestion.

TheGoodQuestion has expanded into a community! You'll now find three new blogs on, as my friends Heath Loftis, Brandan Thomas, and Joseph Witcher have joined me! For those who enjoy my writings, I expect you will enjoy theirs at least as much.

I wanted to expand with the hearts and visions of other men who are likeminded. Well, there are few people in this world with whom I have connected any more quickly or strongly than with these three fellas. We are brothers from other mothers, and I am very excited about sharing their insights with you. For you Xangans, you will have to visit their blogs, now hosted on, if you would like to read what Heath, Brandan, and Joe have to say.

We are currently in that transition period, but expect some great things to come. The content available on will expand quickly as these three new voices are added to the mix. So, join in the conversation, post your comments, and become a regular in theGoodQuestion community.

In the future, more friends may join the roster of bloggers at My sincere hope is that each one will provide his own unique perspectives, as we all strive to serve our Master and seek His truth.


p.s. For Xangans who want to comment on a post, please do so at, not at There are two reasons for this: (1) There has been a problem, which I have not been able to rectify, for the past several months on my Xanga blog. Many people may be unable to post a comment there. In fact, some browsers may even crash for trying. (2) The main site is now, and I would prefer that comment discussions not be split between two sites. It is very easy to comment using the blog system at theGoodQuestion, and Xangans can still use their Xanga usernames to identify themselves—they can even leave a link to their blog at, which will provide them with greater exposure. Whatever you do, I strongly encourage you to leave your thoughts! I intend for theGoodQuestion blogs to become forums for discussion on important issues.

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  1. Anonymous Tue Nov 28, 01:31:00 PM EST

    so are you gonna blog regularly? Or are you just gonna punk arond with it? :)

  2. D. Michael Gregg Thu Nov 30, 03:13:00 PM EST

    Yep. I'm actually writing my first actual regular blog right now. It'll be out tonight or tomorrow. I checked out of my mind for the last couple of weeks. And I was on vacation last week for Thanksgiving with my famfam in Indiana.