My Own Expanded Translation of the Love Poem of 1 Corinthians 13

4 Perfect Love patiently tolerates annoyance and disrespect,
never succumbing to shortsighted temper.

Love is constructive and kind,
always fostering others and contributing good.

Love does not boil with jealousy or stew with envy,
never leaning to suspicion or lusting for control.

Love is not anxious to impress,
never bragging or exaggerating its status.

Love does not suffer from an inflated ego,
never cherishing exalted ideas of its own importance.

5 Love does not act dishonorably and is not rude,
never bringing shame to those it holds dear.

Love does not pursue its own selfish interests,
never demanding its own way or insisting on its own rights.

Love is not irritable or touchy,
never allowing itself to be provoked.

Love is not resentful or bitter,
never keeping a grudge or a record of wrongs.

6 Love does not applaud injustice or imperfection,
never gloating when someone is wronged or flawed.

On the contrary, Love cheers alongside Truth—
they share in the joy of each other’s triumphs.

7 Love extends its protection to all,
absorbing every blow.

It exercises faith in all,
defying every fear and reservation.

It expects the best from all,
seeing what no one else sees.

It endures every difficulty,
but never loses heart.

8 Perfect love still stands when everything else has fallen.

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