Disagreeing Like Jesus

Why did the Jewish religious establishment kill Jesus? They didn't like Him. And why didn't they like Him? Because they didn't like what He had to say.

How frequently do you dislike what others say—whether you disagree with their beliefs or opinions, or you disapprove of their tone or lack of tact?

One of the chiefest differences between the followers of Christ and all other people must be in how we handle disagreement, criticism, opposition, antagonism, and persecution. Love your enemies. Bless your enemies. Pray for your enemies. Show patience and longsuffering, like God has shown you. Forgive with no end, as God has forgiven you. Return their venom and spit with humility and respect. This is a basic tenant of the lifestyle of Jesus of Nazareth. Any other response to resistance and confrontation is not of the Spirit of Christ, but of the same spirit as that of the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus' day: a spirit antithetical to Christ—a spirit of "antichrist."

So, now you must question yourself: "How do I respond when I am criticized? How do I react when my beliefs or opinions are challenged? Do I feel like a "champion of the faith" when I cheapen another who disagrees with my beliefs? How do I respond when I don't think that someone is giving me the respect I feel I deserve? Am I displaying the Spirit of Christ, or a spirit inversed to the lifestyle of Jesus? Who have I disagreed with recently? Did I convey genuine love in my effort to convey what I believe to be the truth? When I don't like what someone has to say, does my heart respond any differently than the Pharisees'?"

Jesus taught them the truth, and they disagreed with Him because they weren't willing to humbly question what they were taught. They couldn't even admit that they could be wrong. They were totally convinced that what they were taught was "the faith once delivered to the saints." But it wasn't. So, they disposed of the truth-teller.

How did Jesus respond to their criticism and disagreement? He did what He could do to communicate the essence of His message, then He allowed them to torture and execute Him publically. He then tore Himself from the grip of death and walked among them again.

So, if what you believe to be true is indeed the truth, then there must come a time when you stop talking about it and show it to be true. Jesus' ultimate proof of what He said was what He did.

Let our lips tell the glory of Jesus Christ. But let our lives tell it with a greater eloquence.

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  1. Jeff Turpin Mon Sep 24, 09:39:00 PM EDT

    Amazing post! That's a lot to chew on... and put into action!

  2. Chris Jones Fri Sep 28, 01:35:00 AM EDT

    Very well said. But I find it a tough one to do. I find myself struggling with the same issue - even yesterday. The said thing for me is that it is from other christians who are meant to be mature. It would be easier for me to undermine them as well but I find the Holy Spirit telling me to hold my tongue as well as my wise mother who tells me to leave it up to God ......