MacDonald's "The Cruel Painter"

"The Cruel Painter", set during the early Habsburg era in sixteenth-century Prague, perfectly fits the Halloween theme of this time of year, but—as always—MacDonald hasn't left us with a story that won't inspire us and make us think! It's interesting to me to find in this tale another nineteenth-century interpretation of the "vampire" legend. Whether this take on vampire lore is particularly German, Scottish, or uniquely his own, I don't know, but it is fascinating to read a pre-Dracula vampire story—especially one that isn't intended for horror.

A Love Letter

Hey love, how are you doing? I know I'll see you today, but I wanted to express my thoughts to you in writing. Do you remember the last time we took a walk? I really enjoyed that and hope we can do it again soon, especially now that the leaves are turning. I have a hard time choosing my favorite season. Right now it's definitely Autumn, but when Spring comes, I'm likely to change my mind again. ;)

Favorite Deviants