The Wall

There was a wall too high to scale,
too thick to tunnel through,
too long to pass by routing trail,
too deep to try that too.

One door was found of solid build,
but hard it was to pull,
hardly opened when you willed,
except when time was full.

Many sought another gate
or tried to walk around;
but ever when the time was late,
the door they left, they found.

The door, they said, would let one in —
always one, not two.
Upon the moment stepping in,
the door would close anew.

"What will we find?" They asked again.
"I heard a forest pine."
"I heard sometimes a stair ascent,
sometimes a stair decline."

"I heard a warlike kingdom looms
on yonder side this wall."
"I heard of fine palatial rooms,
of vast palatial hall."

"I heard a world a lot like ours,
but without loathful strife."
"I heard an echo of the hours
we spent in this here life."

"I cannot say what all will find —
specifically, I mean —
but whatever are the sights behind,
of pain, or field serene,

"or challenge to the good obey,
the door is but a dawn;
and all these things, in its own way,
the door has opened on.

"There the perfect step will lie
for each man next to take,
in one gradation to apply
t'ward further progress' sake.

"Every man's own other-side
is, like a day, unique;
and like a dawn the door is eyed,
but not a door we seek.

"At last, his needed lessons past,
but needing progress more,
and all correction now amassed,
may find another door.

"Whate'er Correction needs to have
to finish this life's aim,
I think Correction, she will have,
for she is Love aflame.

"Do not forget, my hearer friend,
if any truth is here,
that on this side the wall attend
we a purpose dear:

"Love and make and learn and do
and serve and lead by serving,
keep your heart on what is true —
integrity unswerving.

"And then from what you have obeyed,
you will have learned a lot —
proportionately, I persuade,
not merely as you thought.

"Then, hopeful, open up your door
to what God gives you there,
and know that what you find in store,
is what Love did prepare.

"But don't you dig, or search, or climb
on looking for a way,
that can only come in time:
the ending of a day."

March 9th, 2010

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